Hikvision IP cameras in Dubai

Hikvision IP camera is an internet protocol camera. It is a digital camera, that uses an IP network to receive the control data and to send image data. These cameras provide video surveillance.
The difference between the IP cameras and analog cameras is simple, analog cameras need a local recording device but the IP cameras do not, instead they need a local area network.

Some of the IP cameras require NVR ( Network video recorder) for handling the recordings videos, and alarms, but others do not want an NVR for their functioning. Hikvision IP cameras our best as CCTV cameras and available at the stores of our company CCTV Duba

Installation of  Hikvision IP cameras

CCTV Dubai Provide Service of IP Camera Installation in Dubai , Sharjah And Ajman. The installation of IP- cameras requires adequate tools, a suitable amount of knowledge, and skillful technicians. We are fitted out with all these facilities and provide the accommodation to you. Contact Us

 Hikvision IP cameras in Dubai

Hikvision IP camera features:

The Hikvision  IP- camera features make them worthy and preferable to install at different places for the purpose of surveillance. The features are mentioned below after knowing them you will definitely choose the Hikvision IP- cameras.

i- Hikvision is the largest brand for manufacturing CCTV cameras.
ii- They have high resolution due to large megapixels.
iii- The Hikvision IP camera features include wide dynamic range.
iv- The lenses are able of auto-focus and remote zoom.
v- They have a wode ranger different types of IP cameras by Hikvision, and all of them are available at Dubai CCTV.

vi- The cameras are convenient to install.
vii- They allow secure and convenient connection.
viii- It has a wide range for storage.
ix- These IP cameras are full of advanced features to view and manage the videos.

Hikvision IP camera 2MP

There are different models of Hikvision  IP- camera 2MP, including different types like box camera, indoor cube, outdoor dome, outdoor bullet, indoor dome, and outdoor turret. These models provide the resolution of 2 megapixels.

Hikvision IP camera 4MP

Hikvision  IP- camera 4MP is perfect for you if you want the video surveillance with 4 megapixels of resolution. The models are weatherproof with smart features.

Hikvision IP camera 5MP

Hikvision IP  -camera 5MP provides the footages with the resolution of 5 megapixels. Again, there is a lot of variety among the models and types that allowed 5 MP resolution. The Hikvision IP -camera 5MP includes indoor dome, outdoor bullet, outdoor Turret.

Hikvision IP-  camera are full of advanced features. They are capable of PoE (power over Ethernet) feature. They allow working in low lights for a non-stop surveillance. Install Hikvision IP- camera and get the benefits associated with them.

Hikvision IP camera price in Dubai

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