Analog camera CCTV in UAE

Analog Camera CCTV

Analog Camera CCTV

Analog camera CCTV is it additional way of sending videos through the cable to the VCR or DVR, in the CCTV system.

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 Analog camera CCTV  types

Analog CCTV camera types have a long list, you can choose one according to your requirement, design, and specifications. The analog CCTV camera types are as follows:

i- Dome CCTV camera:

The dome CCTV camera shapes like a dome. Therefore, it is named so. Because of their shape, it is difficult to catch the angle and direction of r zooming.
They are excellent to consider for video surveillance at homes, casinos, stores, and restaurants. They look quite fashionable. You can further choose an infrared dome camera, vandal dome camera, or varifocal dome camera, whichever suits you the best.

ii- Bullet CCTV camera:

Bullet CCTV camera is smaller in size but provides excellent video surveillance. They are shaped like rifle bullets or lipstick, so, they are also known as lipstick cameras. They are as wide as a cigar in diameter.
The infrared bullet cameras are not smaller in size because of an additional LED with them. These cameras are easy on mountain ceilings and walls and provide tri-axis for video surveillance.
You can further choose AHD cameras, TVI cameras, or infrared bullet cameras. The infrared Bullet cameras are capable of working in low or no light. You can also select a weatherproof bullet camera for installation outdoors.

iii- C-mount CCTV camera:

The C-mount CCTV camera contains a lens, and it is used in CCTV cameras. There are different formats of C-mount CCTV cameras. Different formats will have different designs of lenses and performances.

iv- PTZ, Pan tilt, and zoom cameras:

PTZ, Pan tilt, and zoom cameras can move left to right, tilt up and down, and zoom in and out. They are suitable for installation in open areas. They are controlled with a remote. They are also capable of operating automatically.
Normally they are used with a fixed camera. The ePTZ security camera uses electronic mode. They can record the full field of view.

v- Day/ Night CCTV cameras:

Day/ Night CCTV cameras are perhaps, the most widely applicable cameras. They are incorporated with many unique features.
Day/ Night CCTV cameras can be used during the day time i.e in plenty of light, as well as, in the night time when the low intensity of light is available. They can capture videos and images in darkness.more

Analog camera CCTV

Analog security System uses

Analog security system uses are worth counting for.
i- They can be used in banks, homes, markets, parking areas, and in public transportation, for ensuring security.
2- They are usable for getting real-time footage.
3- They are also used for retrieving the recordings.

Analog camera cctv advantages

Analog camera advantages include security for the places where they are installed. They reduce the risk of theft and misbehaviors.
Analog CCTV camera specification:
The analog CCTV camera specifications are:
i- High-quality video.
ii- Perfect zooming.
iii- High resolution.
iv- Multi-dimensional angles for capturing the videos.
v- Built-in infrared system in some types.

Analog camera CCTV Price

Analog camera cctv price depend upon the choice of the camera. They are also different for the different types of Analog CCTV security cameras. The Dubai CCTV is the best shop near you to purchase an Analog CCTV security camera, at the most reasonable prices. We also provide the services of camera installation and maintenance. So, contact us now!