Dahua CCTV Camera in Dubai

Dahua CCTV Camera in Dubai

There are plenty of reasons to choose Dahua CCTV cameras. They provide video surveillance, so the different organisations should choose them. By initiating the installation of security systems, the users and organisations can get the facility of surveillance.

The surveillance provides a non-stop footage from the areas for observing the activities and taking the immediate action against something suspicious. The CCTV cameras provide countless benefits. Undoubetly, they ensures the production and security to the business.

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Dahua deals worldwide in CCTV camera for providing the security systems, from recent few years. The CCTV security systems, provide safety to the business and homes at every level. The security systems are innovative and integrated.

CCTV DUBAI, coordinates with the leading company Dahua, and provides their full range of CCTV cameras.

CCTV DUBAI supplies the advanced and latest security system to the business enterprises, educational institutions, and residencies. The company is busy in continuous development of the new features for providing the maximum security and safety. The product includes IP cameras, Analog cameras, DVR and NVR.

IP Cameras:

IP cameras are best to serve for outdoor and indoor surveillance. The IP cameras are powerful and reliable. They are able to cover the wider areas. The marvelous features of Dahua IP cameras, make it perfect for different organisations. It is capable of many image resolution settings.

The camera is equipped with high lens quality, high megapixels and many others excellent features, that collectively makes the IP cameras to capture the clear and perfect moments for our concise observation of the events and things. The clarity in images eliminates the difficulty of identifying the things. The cameras literally facilitates you by providing the surveillance facilities.

Some of the excellent features of IP cameras are mentioned below:

i- Dual stream encoding.
ii- Night vision.
iii- Event trigger.
iv- Noise reduction feature.
v- Different megapixels cameras.
vi-Some models have Multiple Network Monitoring feature.

Dahua Analog cameras:

The Dahua analog cameras are loaded with such features that make them perfect for getting the indoor and outdoor surveillance, for different industries, businesses, and homes. There is a wide variety of applications which are in line with the Dahua analog cameras.

The best features of Dahua analog cameras are mentioned below:

i- High resolution.
ii- Night Vision.
iii- Privacy masking.
iv- Picture adjustment.
v- Support Noise reduction.
vi- Normal power consumption.


NVRs capture the videos in IP cameras. They are component of IP cameras and provides the both, recorded and real-time footages. The video management systems controls the management of videos.

The considerable features of Dahua NVR are given below:

i- Support real live view.
ii- Dual stream encoding.
iii- Preview and recording.
iv- Smart search.
v- Multiple Network Monitoring.
vi Automatic IP address acquisition.
vii- Web viewer.

 DVR ( Digital Video Recorder)

DVR the digital video recorder is used as a component of analog cameras. It performs the function of converting the analog signals to the digital signals and store and manage the videos. Some premises are still installed with the analog cameras, for those Dahua Digital Video Recorder is perfect. It allows the remote handling of the videos. There are different categories of Dahua DVRs including Hybrid DVRs, Premium DVRs, Professional DVRs, Entry and home level DVRs.

The prominent features of Dahua DVRs are:

i- Real time live view.
ii- Dual stream encoding.
iii- Preview and recording.
iv- Multiple Network Monitoring.
v- Support to multi brand cameras.
vi- Auto IP address acquisition.

Advantages of Dahua CCTV security cameras and systems:

The Dahua security systems provide a clear and precise footage for a keen surveillance of the places. It helps in taking several important decisions urgently because they eliminates the doubts. The business, organizations, homes, and educational institutions can get benefits of maximum security by installing the CCTV cameras even the whole security systems.

Dahua CCTV Camera in Dubai

Dahua CCTV camera Price in Dubai

Dahua CCTV camera price depends upon the number of cameras and accessories that are adequate for a particular place. But if you are searching for the best shop near me for purchasing Dahua CCTV camera, CCTV Dubai is the best option for you. We deal in the cities of Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. So, contact us to get quality products.