Hikvision CCTV Installation

In today’s world, every business organization or residence basically has its own set of security rules for safeguarding the assets, employee theft and so on. Most of the organizations have gone on accepting the security systems in their work place. The purpose of CCTV Installation should be well addressed and it must be developed for not to have any lapses in the surveillance. The coalition of CCTV Installation must be focused on set of top priorities and should cover the following elements:

  • Extensive coverage of important assets in an organization or home
  • Rigorous with measurable goals
  • The system should be capable of increasing the productivity

Businesses practicing the conventional security will find difficult to have a changeover to modern security purposes may be due to the financial aspects or other responsive factors. But the truth is that by adapting the CCTV surveillance systems will bring much advantages to the establishment. All you need to do is to pick the trusted and most valued security systems with the right provider. So installing an advanced CCTV security systems would be ideal and in reality it helps you to do the job better.

Hikvision CCTV installation

Being known as the leader in the CCTV security systems, Hikvision produces Network cameras or IP cameras, Digital video recorder, Analog camera and Network reader. CCTV Dubai’s significant experience in deploying the CCTV Surveillance with Hikvision ensures a proper security to the business of all sizes. Our huge customer base validates the efforts of our experts in building a successful surveillance system in Dubai, UAE. The Hikvision has the well-known portfolio of CCTV security products that bring an end to your security concerns.

Hikvision cctv camera installation Dubai

Hikvision IP cameras

Hikvision cameras are the perfect choice to keep an eye on your business. Why is it so? The technology that push the IP cameras is quite intelligent and mature. With keeping this in mind you should pay attention to IP camera solutions so as to safeguard in a refined way. When deploying IP cameras at your organization, the benefits you get are plenty in terms of quality and productivity. The Hikvision camera comes in varied versions and it includes the thermal cameras, panoramic camera, phasing out camera and so on. We provide Best CCTV camera price in dubai.

Hikvision IP cameras is the best choice to be considered for your organizations due to its features.

  • High resolution
  • HD real time video
  • Power over Ethernet facility
  • Compact design
  • Night vision
  • Good frame rate
  • Weatherproof casing

Analog Cameras

The Hikvision analog cameras are good for those who are satisfied with the analog security systems. It will be ideal for the small and medium sized businesses since it is cost effective. With the variety of high-quality analog cameras, you can achieve the desired results you always have wanted at an effective budget. Finally, Hikvision camera is the choice that brings solutions to your security concerns. It comes in varied types and includes the Turbo HD camera, CCD camera HD-SDI camera.CCTV Installation with Hikvision is affordable as we provide best cctv camera price in dubai.


  • PAL/NTSC Signal system
  • Night Vision
  • Smart IR and good dynamic range
  • Good video image output
  • Good for low light conditions
  • Wide operating temperature range

Network Video recorder

The Hikvision network video recorder is used in Hikvision IP camera surveillance system where it allows the view and storage of video data in an efficient way. It records the video in a digital format to a disk drive with the help of a software program.

NVRs can be remotely managed and via local area network or the internet. The Hikvision Network Video recorder is designed to deliver optimal performance for the management of videos.

This makes the system more adaptable to varied business environments. It has the features of

  • Support of third-party cameras
  • High-resolution video recording
  • Dual gigabit network interfaces
  • HDMI output

Digital Video Recorder

The Digital video recorder is used in Analog Surveillance system where it converts the analog signals to digital format and send to the disk for storage. DVRs are best suited for the Analog only cctv installation. It allows video monitoring and recording and have advantages as well. The video images can be digitally recorded and processed and can incorporate various digital technologies such as the video analytics and remote access over the networks. Hikvision Digital Video recorder comes in different kinds that includes the Turbo HD DVR, Mobile DVR, and Analog DVR etc…

  • Good video compression
  • High-resolution Real time recording
  • HD-SDI interfaces
  • Synchronous playback
  • HDD quota and group management
CCTV Installation

We provide best cctv installation service across UAE. We provide Hikvision camera and all related cctv camera products.